589A1128The programs that have been developed under this project are:

1) Mobile Application Idea Generation Contest:

The first course of action will be to determine the demand of mobile applications across the country at both the public and private sectors. At the same time, the program will collect all the innovative, modern ideas that come from the general public. This will raise awareness among the public about mobile applications and they will better understand the usefulness and potential of apps.

2) Mobile Apps Idea Collection:

An international standard publication will be created containing detailed descriptions and analyses of the most innovative ideas for various mobile applications. Aside from that, an open website will be created where the general public will be able to submit various ideas of their own. Mobile application developers will be able to use this publication as a guideline and a sounding board for their own software development projects.

3) Apps Sensitization – Boot Camp (7 Divisions):

A day long mobile app awareness workshop will be held with the participation of Computer Science students from public and private universities. Professionals in the mobile app industry will conduct this workshop and they will showcase the various aspects of the mobile app industry to the participants. They will also conduct awareness-building workshops on the technical aspects of mobile application development. Apart from raising awareness at the grassroots level about the workings of the mobile app industry, at least 1000 software developers per Division will be accorded a baseline look at mobile application development.

4) Digital Content Creation for Teaching:

Mobile application building-related digital content will be created to be used in laboratories in every university in the country. This content will be distributed via web portal to students in all 64 districts of the country as self-teaching material. Using this, aspiring developers will be able to learn about the technical requirements of mobile application creation and development from home.

5) Apps Development Training (64 districts):

Under this program, app development training workshops will be held at university or college level in every district of the country with the aim of developing a skilled set of workers. In the beginning, 64 college or university will be chosen, one per district, to host a technical workshop about the development and creation of mobile applications and software. Industry professionals will conduct these workshops. Each workshop will be 5 days long. After these workshops are over, a national Hackathon will be held with the participants of the workshops, computer science students and freelance software developers can take part in. For 48 hours, they will work on creating the skeleton of working mobile applications. The ideas collected under Program 1 will used as the basis for the apps developed here. Approximately 400 participants will work together in groups, where each group will be monitored by teams of experts ready to lend a hand when necessary. About 2000 students will initially be trained under this program.

6) Mobile application ready One office One app:

The ideas collected under Program 1 will be used to create working applications. Applications will be developed for the specific services of all government departments. All these apps will be published on all local and international mobile stores. Among these apps, 100 will be chosen for further development, depending on interest shown by the public and the government.

7) National Mobile App Championship:

A national level mobile app development competition will be held. The apps created by those who participated in the district-level training workshops and the apps created under Program 6 will automatically be entered into this completion. The competition will otherwise be open to all interested. Universities and individual organizations will be able to participate with representatives. The apps produced in this national competition and in the hackathon will undergo judgement, with the best app winning a national prize.

8) Resource Portal:

An open web portal will be constructed for mobile app developers, to help them and to act as a news portal for all news about various programs across the country related to mobile app development. Skilled developers and successful organizations will be brought into a network through this portal. There will be resources concerning mobile app development and publication available on this portal; it will act as an information platform.

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