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The Ministry of ICT is interested in arranging a “Mobile Application Idea Development” workshop with your department as part of an effort to collect and publish innovative ideas about mobile app development, as part of a National App Development Program. At this workshop, we want field level representatives of your department to participate, in order to figure out what kind of mobile applications will be most beneficial for the department and the public. Those who are intimately involved in providing services to the public will be best able to identify which services will benefit from dedicated mobile applications, which is why we are looking for people with the relevant domain knowledge, who can offer good ideas for future use.

The best and most innovative ideas will be accepted and mobile applications will be developed based on them. They will be given out to your department to benefit both service providers and recipients. The ideas put forward at the workshop will be put up on department and ministry websites and in publications to help aspiring developers and to ensure that apps are continually developed in service to the department.
Your department needs to select 40 field level officials who have to domain knowledge to take part in this workshop. On the day of the workshop, these selected officials will meet with app developers from the Ministry of ICT’s partner organizations and sit down to gather some usable ideas for app development.

We request your department to appoint an official to be the focal point for this Program. He or she will have the responsibility to contact and followup on the participation of the 40 field-level officials with required domain knowledge according to the list you will have made. We humbly request you to send a document to the Ministry listing the venue and date of the workshop and the participants of the workshop as soon as possible.

You can register for a workshop using the form below.
For further details and for continued communication, please contact Dr. Mohammad Abul Hasan, Deputy Secretary and Program Director, Ministry of ICT, Phone: 8181640, Fax: 8181565, E-mail:


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