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Environment & Health:  Champion

App Name CriticaLink
Organization CriticaLink
Catagory Environment & Health
Platform Android
Bangla Name ক্রিতিকাল্লিঙ্ক
App Language English (Bangla in develo
Requerment Android Phone
App Description Using location-based technology, the CriticaLink app saves lives by connecting trained volunteer emergency First Responders with injured citizens to provide rapid, life-saving medical care in an emergency. Essentially, it is a crowd-sourced, location-based mobile tech “911” system. The CriticaLink mobile application has multiple functionalities for the general user including a database of First Aid tips, a map of Dhaka showing location of hospitals, police stations and fire stations (along with their phone numbers which can be dialed directly from within the app). It also allows users to call the Emergency Hotline directly from the app to speak to a live call center agent (09678787878). Most importantly, however, the CriticaLink app allows users to submit an “Accident Report” that alerts the call center that First Responders are needed. When the user opens a report, a map is shown with a pin in their location. If the location is not correct, the user can move the pin. The user can then enter any details about the accident, and take pictures that will be sent along with the report. Finally, there is also an option for a user to select “I’m injured” which will send additional information from the user profile including health information (blood type, etc) and alert any emergency contacts. CriticaLink First Responders have a higher user-level login that allows them to receive push notifications and accident details (including maps and photos) from the dispatch center. When a First Responder receives an accident report, they can click “I’m going” which will alert the call center and other First Responders that they are on their way to the scene. When they arrive, First Responders can click “check-in” and time and location data is recorded. First Responders can also see who else is on their way or have already arrived and can call directly to these people through the app by clicking on their name.


App Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=CriticaLink+%28powered+by+Miaki%29

Video Link: https://youtu.be/UvX5Zv29iIg



Environment & Health: Runners Up

Organization Ezze Technology
Catagory Environment & Health
Platform Android
Bangla Name লাইভ ব্লাড বাংক
App Language English
Requerment Android Enabled Devices
App Description With Live Blood Bank now you can search for emergency blood donor for any group, any time just near by you. Live Blood Bank is a platform that helps people to get right information about blood availability in their current location, at times, when they need it the most. Now, they don’t have to run from pillar to post in search of the requisite blood group. Once you need bloods for a specific group just made a search on LiveBloodBank by a location where you need, You will get lots of donors who are ready to donate. To provide timely needed blood, donors can act immediately and save lives of so many.




App store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ezzetech.livebloodbank

Video link: https://youtu.be/yLRQeo_-8n0





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