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App Name Farmer Query System
Organization mPower Social Enterprises Ltd.
Catagory Government & Participation
Platform Android,Cross Platfr
Bangla Name ই-কৃষি জিজ্ঞাসা
App Language Bengali
Requerment Operating System: Android 4.4.2 KitKat, 1.3 GHz Dual Core , RAM 1 GB & ROM 4 GB
App Description In Bangladesh, agriculture accounts for almost half of country’s labor force and contributes about 18.6% in country’s GDP. Hence agriculture plays a significant role in country’s economy and livelihood. But one of the primary challenges of the agriculture ecosystem in Bangladesh is the absence or limited presence of expert consultation in rural vicinities. According to the ‘Agricultural Extension Manual 2010’ by Department of Agricultural Extension in Bangladesh an extension agent, the person responsible for providing agro advisory for farmers has to support more than 1200-1500 farm families in his area. Given the working hour and resource available to the extension agent it’s a mammoth task for them to provide adequate support to the farmers. As a result, farmers are forced to take advice from people who are not experts and are prone to be misled or exploited, which hampers the overall productivity of the country and affects the livelihood of farmer. To address the problem several non-ICT initiatives has already been taken by various government and private sector. But the emergence and rapid spread of mobile technology has created avenue to use e-Agriculture as a tool to solve the issue. Hence Farmer Query System has been developed to provide on-demand agro consultation to farmer. Farmer Query System enables a local agriculture extension agent to capture a farmer’s problem using a mobile application and directly send to an urban-based expert for immediate feedback. The expert looks at the problem on a dashboard and responds through either a phone call, SMS or voice message. A local extension agent can aid the government extension agent, a local rural telecenter entrepreneur, or even any person in the community with a smartphone, which has our freely available mobile application installed.

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App Name Universal Meter Reader App
Organization shurjoMukhi Limited
Catagory Government & Participation
Platform Android
Bangla Name ইউনিভার্সাল মিটার রিডার অ্যাপ
App Language English
Requerment Requires Android OS 2.2 and up
App Description shurjoMukhi has recently won two competitive grants from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to build App-based workflow solutions for Utility vendors in the Power Sector of the country. Under this grant, it has developed a Universal Meter Reader App for the Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC). The Universal Meter Reader Android App has a common set of functionalities to cater for the meter reading needs of Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) so that it can be adopted by them anytime they want. Universal Meter Reader Android App can be used by meter readers of Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC). The only prerequisite will be to carry an Android Smartphone with Internet Connectivity. Meter readers of DPDC can use to register the reading of the clients’ meters they are attending to in their peripatetic rounds. This simple and universal Meter Reader App does 1. Allow the meter reader to input the reading of the meter into the App 2. Take a photo of the reading on the meter 3. Register the location of the meter reader where the meter is being read using GPS or BTS based location detection facilities of Smartphones 4. Upload all the data obtained as result of the above 3 steps to a central server in predetermined format. This Universal Meter Reader App has a preset and well-documented way of invoking a webserver URL using POST method where the following data and parameters will be posted to the webserver: i. The Smartphone MAC ID the data is being sent from ii. The IP Address of the Smartphone iii. The reading on the meter iv. The image of the meter as taken by the meter reader v. The location of the smartphone The Meter Reader App is an innovation in the field of G2G Service Monitoring and Delivery because nothing like this currently exists in Bangladesh.


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