About Hackathon

National Hackathon Date: December 6th-7th, 2014

Time: 08:00 AM

Venue: Institute of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB), 160/A Kakrail Road, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon are globally recognized marathon coding events. Hackathon is a gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time.Developers, innovators and designers join hackathons in teams of 5 people generally to build innovative prototype to solve some given problems sets. Hackathons are ultimate exhibition of skills for developers.


Hackathons typically start with one or more presentations about the event, as well as about the specific subject, if any. Then participants teams suggest ideas based on individual interests and skills. Then the main work of the Hackathon begins, which can last anywhere from several hours to several days. For Hackathons that last 24 hours or longer, especially competitive ones, eating is often informal, with participants often subsisting on food like coffee and light snacks. At the end of Hackathons, there is usually a series of demonstrations in which each group presents their results. There is sometimes a contest element as well, in which a panel of judges select the winning teams, and prizes are given. At many Hackathons, the judges are made up of organizers and sponsors.

National Hackathon 2014

The “National Mobile Hackathon” will feature social-public related issues as problem statement and ask the participants to innovate new solutions to solve the problems. For example health issues, education related issues etc. Domain experts, basically govt officials, NGO officials, experts, members of civil society will be in charge of selecting the problem set from country’s most recent and pressing issues.

Any Bangladeshi national, specially university students and professional developers, can join the event by forming teams of 5 participants each. A team with developers, designers and ideators can be said to have an ideal combination. Team leads will be responsible for all team communications.


A pool of 40 top notch tech mentors will be there to guide the teams. Country’s best tech entrepreneurs, experts, developers are designers will be in the role of mentors to help out the participants to achieve their targets. Mentors will start working with teams via email even before the main event. Sample data sets ready to be used in apps or systems to be used by the participants will be provided.

The main event will be arranged with 800+ participants and 200 teams around the country. Teams will be judged by their coding skills, designing skills, innovative ideation and overall execution capabilities.

Participants will get the chance to show their skills in this national level competition. It is a lifetime opportunity to compete with best developers and to get mentorship from the country’s top mentors. Teams can network with tech companies and policy makers from this very event. Winning the hackathon will give participants nationwide visibility and amazing prizes. Selected solutions may get the opportunity to be implemented in real with the help of corresponding department of Govt.


(Dates are tentative)

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